Version 1.4 Beta Features

I’m adding a major new feature for version 1.4: category groups. Here’s a peek at how it works. You will be able to create groups, and add categories to them, like this:


With the group expanded, the Summary View looks like this:


If you have a lot of categories, and you’re not interested in the details at the moment, you can collapse the group:


and the Summary View will summarize the group for you:


Once again, I’m looking for beta testers. Because this update changes the structure of the data files, you will have to back up your data (but you do that anyway, don’t you?) and keep a copy of Horizon 1.3.5 around, just to be safe. If you’re interested in testing this version, drop me an email at the contact address and let me know. I’ll send you the link to the beta version. Thanks to everyone who helped test last time, and thanks in advance to everyone who can help with this version.

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