Mac To School

Just a quick post to let you know that Horizon is part of the MacToSchool bundle that gets you $300 or so worth of software for $49.95. There’s some really good programs in there besides Horizon, so you’re really getting a deal. And the previously promised Horizon 1.3 will be a free upgrade from the existing version, so there’s no need to wait. Go get it now! 🙂

Coming Soon

I’ve got a bunch of small features to add to Horizon, enhanced navigation, customized Holidays, the requisite bug fixes, but one thing that you won’t be seeing soon is graphs. I was planning on putting graphs like this: SM2DGraphViewShot.jpg

But then Apple came out with ‘Numbers’: Apple - iWork - Numbers - Impressive Results Fast.jpg
and I realized those flat charts were just unacceptable. So, it’s going to take me a little while to learn how to draw 3-D styled charts for Horizon. I’d rather give you something really great than something that’s just ‘okay’.
There will be graphs in some future release of version 1, you won’t have to wait for version 2. Version 2 will be a complete re-write, taking everything I’ve learned from version 1, both the good and the bad, and building a quantum leap version of Horizon. There’s a bunch of very cool things I have planned for version 2, but I’m keep them under my hat for now.

First Print Review

MacUser UK has given Horizon a rather positive review. I know MacUser is widely available in the UK, and some Chapters and Indigo bookstores in Canada carry it. I don’t know about distribution in the States, but I’m sure any book or magazine store with a reasonable international selection would carry it.

Of course, there’s always the online version, which you can read here. And I’m already working on some of the issues the reviewer addressed near the end of the article. Stay tuned for more developments.