Holidays Preferences, First Pass

Holidays Preferences

This is my first pass at the holidays preference. I know it’s pretty plain, I also know that I can’t put a date spinner in the second column instead of the date formatter that’s already there. That’s due to a known bug in Interface Builder, or Cocoa, or something, somewhere *grumble*.

The good news is that it’s already localized, kinda. Instead of storing the holiday data in the main preferences file, it stores them in their own file called “HorizonHolidays.plist” in the user’s ‘Library/Preferences’ folder. This means I can make up default files for the US, Canada, the UK, and anywhere else where I know what the statutory holidays are, and users can even send me plists for the holidays in their country, and I can make them available from the web site.

So, what can I do to make form more appealing and easier to use? Suggestions, please. i know it’s not quite right yet, put I can’t put my finger on the solution.

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