… followed quickly by 1.2.6

Sorry about that. There’s a couple of bugs in 1.2.5 that I had to fix, even though they’re mostly cosmetic and/or minor annoyances. Also, my payment processor, esellerate, shipped a new version of their libraries which are supposed to provide some improvements, so I rolled those into 1.2.6 as well.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a seamless transition, since esellerate decided to change the name of one of their header files. This broke the builds and screwed up the revision control system. Bad esellerate! No cookie!

I’ve also been having problems with customers activating their licenses. The esellerate engine is supposed to automatically install and register the serial number when you buy a license through the program, but it doesn’t always work. I’ve had a small number of people with this problem, and there’s an easy fix. I can send you a little program, customized with your name and serial number, to patch Horizon.

I’m hoping, though, that the new version of the esellerate libraries will make this unnecessary. But if you do have a problem with the program saying it’s still in trial mode after registering it, by all means let know know right away! The fix is quick and easy, and I want to make sure my customers are happy.

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