Version 1.2.5

A few bug fixes, (although the random crash associated with drag-and-drop is still out there. *Sigh*) and some pretty solid keyboard navigation shortcuts highlight this release.

There’s two new menu items on the ‘View’ menu, ‘Go to Today’ and ‘Go to Dateā€¦’ both blatantly stolen from the iCal interface. Hey, you know what they say about great artists, right?

The keyboard interface, however, is unique to Horizon. Here’s a rundown of the keystrokes and their functions:

  • Arrow keys move the selected date on the calendar.
  • Cmd + left arrow and Cmd + right arrow to change the month.
  • Cmd + Enter to add a cell, or edit existing cell, on the selected day.
  • Cmd + Delete to delete an existing cell on the selected day.
  • Alt+ Up arrow and Alt + down arrow changes the selected category.

So now you can zip around the calendar pretty easily, and your hands never have to leave the keyboard. This is good for the power-user types and those who have a lot of data to enter.

Thanks to Johan for suggesting this and testing this release.

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